Loganlea Trout Fishery Edinburgh

I thought where do i start with this then ? well it seemed only apt that i start with what i like to call my happy place since moving back from overseas. Local to Edinburgh and just 20 -30 minutes drive from the city centre you will find yourself high up the Pentland Hills which in itself on the right day is a walkers, bikers and fly fishers playground. Loganlea offers some of the best fly fishing this close to Edinburgh the Fishery which is known as the top water is a family run fly only fishery.  I first fished here many years ago when it was owned by Alex Jack who was full of knowledge and stories and always willing to give you a bit inside knowledge, i regardless found it pretty challenging to fish,  i was a young lad that did not have much of a clue what i was doing haha not sure i have got any better maybe slightly more wiser and heaps more patience finds me catching more fish these days. The water offers both bank and boat fishing with a keep or catch and release permit available at reasonable prices.


Its a pretty big water to fish and the backdrop just amazes me every time i visit and if it ends up being to bright you can kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet it has to offer.


Early season sees most of the fish heading for the shallower end but holding a bit deeper until the water heats up. Intermediate or floaters work well so you can find most anglers heading to the top end of the water usually March / April but fish will still be caught around different areas of the reservoir. Karen Jack daughter of Alex runs the fishery  and is always at hand to give you updates on whats been working previous days but we all know that can change just like the fishes feeding patterns.


The fishery has facilities for the customers and also a cabin where you can grab a cuppa and have lunch or maybe you just want to chat about that big huge fish you caught when no one was around haha, there is some picnic benches outside which is also a favourite fishing spot of mine and a great end of day spot for the sunset and they are a beautiful thing nothing better than a sunset session on the drys.


If you have a look past the small boat mooring you will see a bench which was placed there in memory of former owner Alex Jack another beautiful spot to end an evening.


If i could i build myself a little house up there i am afraid no one would ever see me again as mentioned earlier it is MY HAPPY PLACE.


The fish at Loganlea are some of the hardest fighting trout i have caught i am always buzzing when its on fire, a  smaller 2-3lb fish will give you a good run for your money so the bigger ones are like bull dozers and will have you on the hop. The fishery is well stocked with Rainbows, Tigers and and also holds Brown Trout i am unsure if they still have Blues but i have caught them in previous seasons, the fish are of really good quality just like the fishery its self the Tiger trout are a solid fighter that digs deep once hooked, and the Rainbows love smashing the buzzers.

As you can see the fish are very healthy


The usual Buzzers, Drys, Lures etc all work well up at Loganlea but always good to have a varied selection with you as the fish can switch fairly quick the cabin offers a small selection of fly’s for sale which are loyal patterns to the water.


I like to fish Traffic Light buzzers and small bugs early season with black and green Montana’s, Blue Flash Damsels until the surface action starts then Muddlers later in the season along with Crunchers, Clink Hammers, Daddies, & Mayfly work really well late season but everybody has there own little armoury.










Catch Record 2017

Sunday 19th March x10 Rainbows Green, Red, Traffic Light Buzzers

Saturday 25th March x 11 Rainbows Blue Flash Damsel / Traffic Light Buzzers

Friday 31st March x 6 Rainbows  Black & Red Buzzers / Traffic Light

Monday 15th April X 6 Rainbows Traffic Light Buzzers / Olive Buzzers, White Stalking Bug

Saturday April 30th X 9 Rainbows X 1 Brown Trout, Black & Red / Olive & Red Buzzers, White Bug,

So if you fancy a trip to Loganlea Fishery which i would highly recommend to anybody who loves to fling a fly give Karen a call some contact information below

Cheers to Karen and all at Loganlea Fishery.

Call 01968 676 329

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LoganleaFishery/?fref=ts

Web http://www.loganleafishery.co.uk/

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